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It has been almost 2 years since tenants of the residential complex „Wilhelmstrasse 2-6, Mehringplatz 12-14, Friedrichstrasse 245-246“, out of desperation at the systematic neglect by the then owner, „SEF Select Evolution 1“ or „Optimum Asset Management“ came together to draw attention to the situation. This is how the tenant initiative „Mehringplatz West – enough!“ came to be. Numerous actions followed: authorities were called in, politicians were activated, radio and television reported; a successful protest demonstration passed through the southern Friedrichtstadt; a large majority of the tenants signed a call for help to the Berlin Senate in favor of a state-owned housing company (LWU) taking over the property.

All of these actions were the building blocks for „Optimum Asset Management“ to sell the property to HOWOGE, our new owner. HOWOGE has been managing our residential complex since February 1st, 2021. As LWU, it bears responsibility and has agreed to implement the repair and renovation work in a targeted and purposeful manner in close coordination with the tenants and the tenant participation bodies, the tenant council and tenant advisory board.

The tenant council and tenant advisory board are elected every 5 years by the tenants. However, the elections are currently running without the participation of tenants of our residential complex. Time was just too short for that. So that a democratic formation of will of the tenants can nevertheless become visible, the tenant initiative is conducting a tenant survey on the housing situation in our residential complex from 02/21/2021 to 03/21/2021.

We encourage all tenants to take part in this survey! This gives all tenants the opportunity to help shape the upcoming change!

You can find the questionnaire with the information in your mailbox, or you can download and print the questionnaire right away:

You can reach us for any questions:

via email:agrau2005@googlemail.com or
via telefon:01727441695

Please place the completed questionnaires in the following mailboxes:

Surkau in Wilhelmstr. 6
Herzberg in Wilhelmstr. 3


We will also pick up the questionnaire from you. Just give us a call: 01727441695

Vote and help shape our future!

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